Thursday, July 5, 2012

Optimizing your Facebook Page

Business owners understand the importance of SEO. They understand the importance of having a Facebook page. But the importance of merging the two is often overlooked. The truth is, optimizing your Facebook page is just as profitable as optimizing your company's website.

Start with your photos. Most people look at photos before they look at anything else. With the introduction of Facebook timeline you now have the space to put a cover photo as well as a main profile picture. Many companies are getting creative with designs for this feature. Aesthetics are important and can strongly influence a prospects decision to do business with you. Choose an image that is both unique and relevant to your brand. Take the time to think about what your photos are saying and you'll be sure to catch people's eye.

With the pin and highlight feature brands are now able to call attention to the most important pieces of their content. By emphasizing certain posts, you'll be able to ensure that your customers can get the most from your Facebook page after just a quick glance.

Next you can personalize the views section to increase the visibility of other page sections. You should also think about implementing apps into your campaign. The overall goal of your Facebook page is to engage with your fans as much as possible. Apps are a great way to promote this.

Another way to get your fans involved in your company is by taking advantage of milestones. Your customers will now be able to share key moments in your company's history. Your fans can even become more active participants by including their own, personal milestones with your brand. Milestones, if used correctly, can be a great way to connect with the people who visit your page.

When you're planning your SEO strategy, don't forget your Facebook page. By making your page both attractive and functional you can bring customers in and keep them interested.

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