Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Choosing the Right Content

You already know that content is an important piece of your marketing campaign. You need to dedicate time to creating fresh, informative content that will get consumers buzzing about your business. But that doesn't mean your content must be limited to written articles. There are many ways to include content on your website, and you need to determine which works best for your needs.

The bottom line is that all your SEO efforts will be meaningless if your content can't keep people interested. The goal is to engage your audience and if you're not doing that you won't keep new prospects interested. So figure out what your audience really wants, and make that happen.

The most common type of content is written. Written content allows the writer to demonstrate their knowledge and worth in the industry. It's informative and easily recognized by search engines. From blog articles to status updates, written content can accomplish many marketing goals and can open doors of communication. Unfortunately, because it's still the most widely used content type you might have to put in extra effort to make your content stand out.

Another versatile content method is video marketing. People enjoy the ease of watching a video, and videos add more opportunity to be entertaining, which means they're great for drawing people in. You can record a question and answer session, make a webinar, or create a traditional ad. Though more difficult to rank on search engines, videos are great for reaching consumers.

Perhaps the most popular form of content is online images. People want to share things and sharing photos online is easy for them to do. Think about all of the options: still shots, artwork, memes, and more. You can turn anything into an image, from a fun collage to an information chart. The versatility of images makes them advantageous to all marketers, especially as image sharing websites like Pinterest become more widely used.

Audio content comes in the forms of podcasts, recorded interviews, or even songs. Though not as accessible as video content, audio has been slowly gaining popularity over the years. Audio is great for drawing in people who want something to listen to, without having to commit their full attention to watching a video.

Remember that it's probably not wise to pick one form of content and stay with it. Written content might always be your strongest point, but you can still benefit from adding the occasional video. Variety will get consumers to notice you. It'll keep them coming back to your website. By exploring more than one media option you'll be able to reach a more diverse group of people, meaning that you'll see your business steadily expand.

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